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Get Involved

As a newly-formed organization, we need you!

Whether you would like to donate time, money or land, your support is needed to protect local ecosystems.

If you have time to give we are looking for people to help in the following ways:

  • Volunteer Labor at workdays
  • Volunteer Skills (website design, social media, legal work, other professional talents)
  • Site Stewardship – Take “ownership” and direct on-site work to restore healthy habitats on one particular site
  • Board Member – Help set the current and future direction of Peoria Wilds
  • Committee Chair – Lead a team focused on a specific subject
    • Finance
    • Governance
    • Development
    • Conservation
  • Committee Member – Serve on one of the above committees

Besides time, if you would like to donate money, land or other assets to help preserve or restore rich, biodiverse habitats, please reach out. (We don’t have an automated “donate now” button just yet.)